Who we are

Starhawk, Lisa, JuniperThe Alliance of Community Trainers (previously known as RANT) is made up of a small core collective that has been working together for almost ten years.  Over these years we’ve trained and supported numerous generations of newer organizers and trainers who have been informally working together.  In  2011, ACT began a process of formalizing those relationships into a trainers network.

Core Collective:

Starhawk is a lifelong activist and feminist, an author, lecturer, teacher, ritual maker, permaculturalist, and nonviolent direct action trainer. A leading voice of the ecofeminist and earth based spirituality movements, she is the author or coauthor of eight books, including The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, The Twelve Wild Swans: a Journey into the Realm of Magic, Healing and Action, and her latest, Webs of Power, notes from the Global Uprising.

Lisa Fithian has been working for social change since the mid 1970‚Äôs. She has been a student, labor and community organizer on a broad range of issues from the environment and worker rights to peace and global justice. She has spent her life working with people to understand the dynamics of power and has help thousands gain the experience and skills they need to fight for justice‚ no matter how great or small the cause.

Juniper is an activist, community trainer, facilitator, consensus process teacher, and environmental engineer. She teaches classes in spiritual activism, in consensus decision-making, and sustainable living.